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18 Jan

I’ve been praying that someone of notoriety no matter whom they voted for would courageously emerge to announce that we, as a country, must unite behind our new leadership in Washington. That those elected and currently nominated must be given a chance to use their collective experiences to move this nation out of its divisiveness.  After all, every human being is flawed, yet we can each be used in miraculous ways given the opportunity.

I was hoping that person of…..

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27 Oct

While on an early morning walk yesterday, I was fortunate to observe the beautiful sunrise in the east. As if overshadowing the sun’s brightness, however, I suddenly observed a swarm of thousands of black starlings flying past the face of the sun.  The coordinated and mesmerizing movement of starlings in the sky seemed to be at least a mile long in length.  So, not having written a blog since July, (I’m guessing I had writer’s block before, during, and after…..

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27 Jul

I never realized how difficult it would be to say “Goodbye” to our property and home of twenty years on the lake, eleven of which I was alone during the week.  My husband’s work meant we spent the week apart during that era of our lives.  Saying goodbye to our lake life is like losing a wonderful friend and companion.  I know, however, that special moments and momentos will remain with us and others forever. 

As I sit on our Amish built glider on the…..

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02 Jul

I saw a disturbing sight last week. It was an American flag that was faded, tattered and torn pretty much in half, yet was still on display on the deck of a house I passed by.  Now, I don’t question the owner’s patriotism in any way as most people who display the American flag are proud of our country and all our flag represents. Maybe the flag on display was from a relative who served our country and is no longer…..

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10 Jun

Do you remember the talking Disney chipmunks, Chip n’ Dale? I couldn’t always understand what they were saying but they sure were cute!  Next to Eeyore, they were our daughter’s favorites.  Well, now we have our own version of these famous chipmunks and I’ve named them Skamper and Hyde.  Cutest little things with adorable antics! 

While sitting on our front porch, we observe them hug the perimeter of the front of the house as they make their rounds. We place bird…..

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16 May

Have you been attempting to stay a step ahead of the number of dandelions in your yard this year?  Well, you might as well give up that battle and try some recipes for dandelions since there is an abundance  of them growing in yards and along roadsides.

According to, there are some tasty dandelion dishes…… Dandelion Lemonade for one. The recipe suggests that you spend a few minutes outside in the sunshine in your favorite dandelion patch gathering…..

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26 Apr

April…’s finally Spring, the season which we’ve waited for all winter long! (At least for those of us who are not Snow Birds!) Spring is routinely known for being a rainy season in the Midwest. Are you ready for all kinds of weather changes that usually arrive with Spring?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase “April Showers Bring May Flowers”. And I’m certain we are all familiar with the song “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” written by Burt…..

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01 Apr

I love this time of year when I realize the loons are back from wintering in the south.  They stop by for a few weeks and then fly north for the rest of the spring and summer.  While on my early morning walk last Saturday, I heard them calling and answering one another for quite some time.  For those who may not have ever heard a loon, they have a haunting sound to their call. In fact, according to

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16 Mar

A “Miracle on the Hudson” is what the media had pegged the miraculous safe landing of the US Airways Flight 1549 Airbus into the Hudson River on January 15, 2009 with 155 passengers and crew on board. The Today Show, airing the next day, interviewed survivors who called the pilot a hero and rightfully so since most aborted flights end in disaster. They determined that shortly after takeoff the plane struck a flock of geese causing both engines to fail.

Unfortunately, statistics show…..

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09 Mar

We have all probably played or have seen children play the game of “Duck, duck, goose” where, when you get tapped on your head, you jump up and chase the ‘tapper’ around a circle of other children. I never did understand the naming of that game. On the other hand, I’m certain everyone knows what it means to ‘Get Goosed’, but I’m providing you a definition here from  “To poke, prod or pinch a person on the behind”.


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