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28 Mar

I am very excited to begin writing my Blog to communicate my passion for Feathers, Fields and Flowers to you, one of my followers and fellow lovers of nature.  For the past decade, I have written a monthly column, IMAGine, in our community newspaper.  Most topics were about nature, educating readers about concerns I observed during that decade.  Specifically, the decline of habitat for wildlife, the loss of songbirds, the disappearance of vital pollinators, the extreme goose population fouling our lake, and the hitchhiker Zebra Mussel invasion to name a few.

I’ve decided it’s now time to expand my readership from just a newspaper article in our community out to the Internet community and I ask for your help.  I know I can’t make any environmental impact on my own, but with help (yours!), WE can!

Please share my website address ( with friends, family, co-workers and others.  You will see the Blog tab has an opportunity to post comments as well.  I look forward to hearing from you!  I hope you look forward, too, to my next Blog post, “Will the Butterflies Be Back?” later this week.

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Gramma Golden

Gramma Golden