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10 Apr

“Monarch butterfly populations have plummeted 90 percent in 20 years.  More than a billion acres of their crucial habitat has already been destroyed and a million acres are lost every year,” as quoted from a recent email I received as a member of National Wildlife Federation.  So what, you say?  What can I do to change that?  Well, read on.   


Living in the Midwest, I am sharing with you a few of the native milkweed plants that grow well in this area.  If you live elsewhere, please check those easy to grow in your own area by looking on environmental or gardening websites. 

Common Milkweed is a tall perennial with large pink or purplish flowers,  Butterflyweed is a showy orange colored cluster, Swamp Milkweed  produces large blossoms of rose-purple flowers., Purple Milkweed is a deep magenta red, Showy Milkweed produces rose-colored flowers in clusters,  White Milkweed has purplish centered small white flowers, Whorled Milkweed shows flat cluster blooms that are greenish-white, and Green Milkweed has white flowers with purplish-pink petals.  All bloom for a long time anywhere from May through October.  Certainly there are plenty from which to choose that appeal to your eye, and certainly all appeal to the butterflies! 

In my next Blog, On a Mission for the Monarchs, I will share with you various ways to find milkweed seeds and plants to start your butterfly patch in your own backyard. 

“Where flowers bloom, there is hope!”  Lady Bird Johnson


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Gramma Golden