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07 Jul

Sometimes we just have to take a time out to let our souls be nourished by nature.  I have come to the conclusion that this world would be a much better place if we all did more of that on a regular basis.  Mostly we look for people or possessions or access to the newest electronic gadget to fill our longings, needs and desires.  But these are all temporary.  People pass on, possessions wear out or become obsolete, electronic gadgets get boring as we anxiously await the release of the next version.  

However, we can count on the natural beauty in this world to be there for us on a consistent basis, wowing us beyond belief if we allow it to do so.  The problem is, we don’t take the time to sit still long enough to hear and see the stunning symphony of sounds and sights that abound in nature that were meant to satisfy us.  And it doesn’t cost a thing. 

Just last week, I sat quietly on our porch to watch and listen for awhile.  I was amused by a chubby cheeked chipmunk making numerous trips from the pile of nuts on the walkway to his winter stockpile somewhere beneath the ground.  The beauty of a male oriole as it peered over the orange syrup in the feeder was stunning, with breast feathers of a color yet to be duplicated by man.  A tiny iridescent hummingbird buzzed past me, making me wonder how those tiny wings could flutter incessantly.   The groveling of the grackles and the hum of a distant helicopter sounds were soothed by the sight of the golden breast of a tree swallow glistening in the setting sun.   And who could forget the photos of Northern Lights, together with innumerable stars in the sky, visible in technicolor hues.  Ahhhh…..nourished by nature indeed. 

As children, we are told by our parents to “be quiet”, “sit down”, “time out”.  As adults, we have no one but ourselves to tell us to do that.  It’s worth the time once in awhile to just sit, watch and listen. 

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Gramma Golden

Gramma Golden