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05 Aug


On Saturday, August 1, 2015, I recorded a four minute video of a Monarch caterpillar turning into a chrysalis.  I posted it to my Facebook page, Gramma Golden, and just now, a mere ninety-six hours later, the video has 100,000 views!  I am in awe at how it has soared across the Internet.   I am sure all 100,000 others who took the time to view the video are in awe as well.

One of my goals when I retired two years ago was to write an educational children’s book about nature.  Being a lover of nature I wanted to inspire others to care for and enjoy nature as well.  Since the book’s publication in April 2014, I have read it to over 2,000 children.  I have worked with two different  professional marketing groups.   The book has been placed in eight prominent book stores, including two Botanical Gardens.  I have been interviewed on two live radio programs.  I have been highlighted nationally on a prominent television host/environmentalist blog site.  I have enjoyed coverage in several newspapers and online news groups.  I initiated a nature blog on my website.  And I joined Twitter and Facebook.  

Yet all that wasn’t  enough to enhance sales of  the book in order to get my message out to children.

So I wrote letters to news commentators.  I sent dedicated and signed copies to the presidents of two prominent worldwide organizations, both committed to the preservation of pollinators.   It was an attempt to join them in their efforts to educate children regarding the need to save pollinators.  Inspired by the fact that the first ever Pollinator Garden was planted on the grounds, I sent a letter and book to the White House.  Yet all this did little to broaden awareness of  my interest in educating children and in the book.

All this time I’ve been praying for someone of notoriety to take hold of the book and soar with it so I can write my next two children’s nature books that are in outline form.    Little did I know that all it would take to gain incredible public interest was for me to sit, watch and listen to nature, enjoying creation as I recorded the video.  I know who created this Monarch chrysalis that 100,000 people find so amazing and He is not on Facebook.

Well, maybe He is!  Watch the video and determine that for yourself.

If the video and this blog has piqued your interest, please visit to learn more about my work as an author.

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