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Books teach respect for self, others and the environment through fun and facts

Understanding how to take care of oneself, others and the Earth starts in childhood. Inspired by her own passions, Golden has written three children’s books that have proven popular with educators and children alike.

The “Bird Lady Meets Mort and Ort” series of three books takes children on whimsical journeys through Bird Lady’s garden, time spent with her on the beach and while grocery shopping. One day, she meets two zany birds named Mort and Ort Aahkamort who, in Golden’s first book, quickly teach her how to do a better job of helping wildlife visitors thrive in her garden. Their sudden appearance on the beach in the second book teaches Bird Lady about the harmful effects of plastic litter on aquatic wildlife and shorebirds. And in the third book, the zany birds once again suddenly arrive and join her in a grocery store, teaching her about good nutrition, childhood obesity, bullying and practicing kindness toward others.

“I hope children and adults alike will learn how to become better stewards of our environment, self and others through my books,” Golden said. “It is a known fact our environment is in peril, and morbid obesity is on the rise. By changing our gardening practices, proper plastic disposal practices, and better eating practices, we can all make a difference.”

Through colorful illustrations and black and white coloring pages, Golden’s books teach children to appreciate their role in keeping the environment safe and themselves healthier. The books are perfect for children, parents, teachers, and environmentalists.


Gramma Golden

Gramma Golden