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04 Sep
Just wanted to share a sweet Pay It Forward story that took place today. While selling books at the Woodstock Farmer’s Market this morning, an older couple stopped by my table to chat about my books. They said they don’t have children in their lives anymore but wanted to pay me for one book and that I should then give one to a child sometime today.
Well, 3 hours later, I knew exactly who to give it to. A young couple with two daughters stopped by to look at the books. I was helping another customer and then looked over to see one of the girls looking at me, smiling, pointing to my book, and holding a small bouquet of fresh flowers. She appeared to be about ten years old with Downs Syndrome.
She came to me right away with flowers in hand and held them by my nose for me to sniff. She, her sister and mother turned and walked while the father lingered a bit. I told him my story of the man earlier who paid for the book and told me to give one away, and I had chosen his daughter.
He called his family back, had me tell them the story and I handed her the gardening book. She immediately hugged the book tight against her chest, gave me a huge broad smile, and held her bouquet up to my nose to smell them once again. She gave me a long, tight hug and said thank you.
A wonderful moment in time for us all, thanks to some kind soul who Paid It Forward. Despite what we hear, there is still plenty of good in this world!

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Gramma Golden

Gramma Golden