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23 Feb

Is one man’s junk really another man’s treasure? If I were asked that question, I’d have to say it depends.

As snow melts and begins to disappear, I’m always amazed at the amount of trash carelessly discarded along roadways.  The junk I’ve noticed most varies from individual soda cans to 2 Liter plastic bottles; from shreds of plastic grocery bags to shredded sheets of construction plastic and landscape netting twisted amongst the bushes, trees and fencing;  from crushed cardboard boxes to chips and candy bags and food wrappers.  Anything goes….literally, right out the window of a passing car or truck. 

These items would all be considered ‘one man’s junk’, but were they treasures to me?  Obviously not!  But only one of two things can happen since most litter takes years to deteriorate on its own.  Either we all take responsibility to discard our own trash (best option) OR we volunteer ourselves to become involved.  Now doing our part can consist of anything from a mile or two walk outdoors carrying a trash bag in our own neighborhood to joining a team of volunteers dedicated to keeping our roadways clear of trash.  It is the fact that one must be outdoors in either of these two options is what makes it a treasure. 

It is the sights and sounds of nature that become the treasure in my opinion.  For example, when was the last time you saw the sun actually rise at the horizon? It really does, you know if you are out  walking early enough.  Early morning frost or dew on every blade of grass or tree branch is a beautiful sight as the dawning sunshine glistens against the frost.  Birds of spring such as robins and bluebirds are returning to the area. Bees, box elder bugs, lady bugs and flies have been spotted just beginning to stir again.   Buds on bushes and trees will begin to emerge soon.  And yet snowdrops and daylilies have been brave enough to burst forth through the frost laden ground. Lengthening daylight hours and warming temperatures are ideal not only to get some outdoor exercise but to also beautify the area in which you live. 

Outside seeing discarded junk yet enjoying the treasures of nature…..two very different extremes.  But it’s all about how one views it.  Junk or treasure?  That’s why I say it depends.  That said, I challenge each and every one of us to help keep our communities and roadways free of junk and maintain our environment as the treasure it truly is.  The only investments are a trash bag and your own time. 




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Gramma Golden

Gramma Golden